Point Guild is a newly formed art collective, composed of two multimedia artists, Staci Page and Cristine Posner. The two began their creative exchange as graduate students during the Land Arts of the American West program at the University of New Mexico in 2014. In 2016, Page and Posner formalized their association into an art collective. Point Guild engages human interaction with the environment in multifarious ways - from poetic expression to the interpretation of scientific data. We are currently staging a series of projects focused on reckoning where and how the systems of human activity and remote ecologies tangle, especially those with aquatic/terrestrial interfaces. Each of these projects is long term and begins with in-depth field investigation - time spent in situ, observing, exploring, collecting data and experience, working with locals, scientists, and researchers in other fields. While each artist retains her own voice and skill set, they work from their shared interest in art making as a response to site, experience, and inquiry. By incorporating intensive field operations, Point Guild emphasizes the nature of collaboration while investigating where and how human and environmental systems collide. Ultimately, each exploration will engage a new site and will conclude with exhibition, web, and conference publication.  (Stay tuned!)