Bio in brief

Staci Page is a multimedia artist whose identity is rooted in the Pacific Northwest. Her recent work employs the design and construction of utilitarian objects to be used during investigative voyages that are at once performative and poetic. The objects and the actions serve as research tools for larger projects intended to provoke dialogue about human roles as inventors, destroyers and stewards.
Page earned a Master’s of Fine Art in Art & Ecology at the University of New Mexico and a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an emphasis in sculpture and design from the University of Idaho. She currently works as a designer at a landscape architecture firm in central Idaho and is the recent recipient of an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research Grant.

Artist Statement

Exploration is the process by which we find things out for ourselves. It is the bedrock of my art practice. As a site-based artist, I explore human and animal perception of place, themes of adaptation and fragility. As a maker, I integrate traditional and contemporary techniques to explore invention and material and purpose.  Tool making and the embodied experience of field work allow me to probe the poignant correlations of industry, environment and being.